GB1228; studs; square head bolts; strength bolts; inner hex head bolts; teeth; screw; bolt; U-bolts


Ningbo Taida Fastener Manufacture CO.,LTD. is specialized in manufacturing stud bolts, threaded ro

About Us

Ningbo Taida Fastener Manufacture CO., specialized in manufacturing Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Set-Screws and Threaded rods. Also the standard are DIN931/DIN933/DIN558 and ASTM A325, A490, A394  hexagon head bolts, DIN934, DIN6923, DIN985,DIN6915 and ASTM A 194 2H nut .DIN913, DIN914,DIN915andDIN916 set-screws. DIN960,DIN961,DIN6914,DIN7990,DIN7991,DIN912, DIN7985 screws and DIN975, DIN976,ASTM A 193 B7/B7M/L7/L7M Stud Bolts, also include other AS, GB,ISO,BS, JIS standard.



Main Product

  • Stud bolts ASTM A193 B7—ASTM A194 2H

  • IFI Hex Cap Bolts

  • A325/A325M ZP Heavy hex structural bolts

  • HDG Black A325/A325M Heavy hex structural bolts

  • A490/A490M Heavy hex structural bolts

  • A325/A563/ F436 Heavy hex structural bolts